Welcome to 26th ASIC !



The 26th International Conference on Coffee Science [The 26th ASIC 2016 China] is to periodically convoke experts working in various fields of science and technology of coffee from all over the world by providing them with a platform of exchanging and displaying new achievements in coffee technology. The conference will be held in Yunnan, China during November 13th-19th, 2016. Specialists from different countries and territories will be invited to present their work from different section of the coffee science on conference.

The 26th ASIC will create a high-level, high-standard, and high-quality platform for the scientists, producers, traders, industrialists and consumers in the field of coffee Science for further academic communication. This conference will provide a platform for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences, share research results, discuss existing issues and challenges and explore international cooperation of cutting-edge technology face to face. The organization committee shows its sincere welcome to you to the conference.

Apart from the professional and stirring conference, it is a good idea for you to take a visit in Yunnan or Hainan. These two Provinces are the major coffee producing regions, they have formed a unique regional culture of coffee in China. They are still the main scenic spot in China, which attracts a number of tourists from all over the world with its unique scenery and Cultural precipitation.

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Welcome to Yunnan! Welcome to China!

Date: 2016.11.13-20, Kunming,Yunnan, China.